TT5 Timing Belts
TT5 Timing Belts
TT5 Timing Belts
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CSHBELT TT5 timing belts are manufactured in thermoplastic polyurethane and various tension members by extruded process. High quality raw material and the advanced craft unify enable the product to have the high strength and the good flexibility. Especialy suitable for knitting circular machine.
- Blue or white color
- High strength, steel cord or kevlar cord
- Wide range pitch length to meet the requirement
- All the characteristics of open ended belt

TT5-5000mm TT5-6600mm TT5-8200mm TT5-9800mm TT5-11400mm
TT5-5200mm TT5-6800mm TT5-8400mm TT5-10000mm TT5-11600mm
TT5-5400mm TT5-7000mm TT5-8600mm TT5-10200mm TT5-11800mm
TT5-5600mm TT5-7200mm TT5-8800mm TT5-10400mm TT5-12000mm
TT5-5800mm TT5-7400mm TT5-9000mm TT5-10600mm TT5-12200mm
TT5-6000mm TT5-7600mm TT5-9200mm TT5-10800mm TT5-12400mm
TT5-6200mm TT5-7800mm TT5-9400mm TT5-11000mm TT5-12600mm
TT5-6400mm TT5-8000mm TT5-9600mm TT5-11200mm TT5-12800mm
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