Summary of Quality Control
Quality objective -
In addition to the operation strictly according to the standard quality control system, each CSHBELT staff focuses on every process details, try best to provide " zero faulty " products for our customers.
Quality control flow -
CSHBELT put all production procedure into the quality control system. So the quality can be controlled efficiently on each procedure from the beginning of selecting raw material.
On the internal production, we drew up a deliberate plan for the inspection of products. The first one product of each procedure must be checked, and then the production go on if the quality passed. During the production we make the timely sample survey on the quality. After finishing each procedure, we will make quality inspection according to the procedure requirements, and then we can step into the next. The finished products can be put in storage only on the condition that they are qualified.
Before products leaving the factory, CSHBELT inspection department still make a comprehensive check on them to ensure that they can meet customers' requirements.
Filed all inspection data are ready for tracing back.
Others of quality control -
CSHBELT quality controllers are all trained professionally, passed the examination then they can be allowed to work. These persons will be re-trained and examined regularly to improve their abilities.
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